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Managing Your Health Care

Navigating the health care system can be a challenging and confusing experience. Learning about health insurance, medical records, advance directives, and finding trusted resources can help you become a more informed patient. Click on one of the topics below to get started.

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Providers & Services

Looking for a doctor, hospital or other health providers and services? Here you will find directories of providers and services in your area, as well as doctors you can talk to using your phone or computer. To find a provider or service that meets your need, use one of our Providers & Services directories.Providers & Services Image

Free & Discounted Services

Do you lack health insurance? There are a number of free and discounted services that you may qualify for, including free urgent care clinics and help with paying for your medications or health insurance. To find resources in North Carolina that provide free services or financial assistance for medical cost, see our Free & Discounted Services page.


Health Topics

For a comprehensive list of health topics, we recommend you go to MedlinePlus. In addition, we have identified a number of health topics that may be of special interest to North Carolinians. Click on any of the links below to find general information about this topic, as well as North Carolina-specific resources, support groups & forums, and mobile apps & tools.

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Other Groups

Certain health and medical conditions are more common in some groups of people than others. Click on one of the topics below to learn about conditions more often associated with that group of people.
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Staying Healthy & Safe

Although nobody can protect themselves completely from injury and illnesses, there are steps you can take do to help limit the risk of getting hurt or sick. To learn more about staying healthy and safe, click on any of the topics below.

Medications & Therapies

Your provider may prescribe certain medications and therapies for your medical or health condition. Click on one of the topics below to learn more about medications and therapies, like information on drugs, alternative therapies and lab tests.


The following guides explain how to use the internet and mobile tools to manage your health care. Topics range from evaluating health information and buying health insurance, to searching for medical information using Google and choosing a good health app. Get started by visiting our guides.


Housing, Safety, Food & Transportation Assistance

Economic and social factors can have an impact on your health. Lack of personal safety, steady access to healthy food, affordable housing and transportation, can be bad for your health. Below are a number of resources that can help you access services on housing, transportation, food and safety. Learn more about Housing, Safety, Food & Transportation Assistance.

Housing, Safety, Food & Transportation Assistance

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