Managing Stress

Man supporting head in hands over a laptopStress is a natural reaction to situations that feel overwhelming. Everyone experiences stress from time to time, and some types of stress can even be good for you. But too much stress can make your immune system weak, allowing you to get sick more easily. Learning how to manage stress can help your body fight off disease so you can live a healthier life.

Mobile Apps & Tools

Mobile apps and tools can provide you with easy-to-use information and resources that can serve as one part of your overall strategy to become and stay healthy. For tips on selecting additional apps for exercise and physical activity, please review How to Choose a Good Health App by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

This app helps you relieve stress through breathing exercises. Free. iOS, Android.

This app helps you develop a meditation practice using a ten day program. The app also lets you track your meditation and connect with friends.  Free. iOS, Android.


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