Medical Records

Medical record displayed on handheld deviceMedical records contain all your health information, including your doctor’s charts, test results, immunization records, and other critical health information. You can also create personal health records for yourself or your family, helping caregivers keep track of their loved ones’ chronic conditions.

Mobile Apps & Tools

Mobile apps and tools can provide you with easy-to-use information and resources that can serve as one part of your overall strategy to become and stay healthy.

iBlueButton allows you to securely access and exchange electronic health records with health care providers, including X-ray images and reports, lab results and visit summaries. Less than $15. iOS, Android.

Wanngi enables you to track symptoms, upload all your results from pathology, vaccines, scans, scripts, set medication reminders and more. Free.

Data Storage Devices

Data is stored locally on your device. No web service required. Universal App (one purchase for iPhone & iPad). $7.99


Resources selected by Terri Ottosen, Health Sciences Library, UNC-Chapel Hill,
Last reviewed March 15, 2022

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