Lung Cancer

Doctor shows results of patient x-ray of the lungsLung cancer, often caused by smoking, is one of the most common types of cancer in North Carolina. Symptoms can include coughing up blood and shortness of breath. It can be treated by chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. For financial assistance with managing your condition, see our page on Free & Discounted Services.

Support Groups & Forums

These sites allow patients to discuss their experiences with illnesses, treatments, and other health matters. Any information or opinions posted are those of the forum users themselves and are not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Mobile Apps & Tools

Mobile apps and tools can provide you with easy-to-use information and resources that can serve as one part of your overall strategy to become and stay healthy.

Cancer.Net Mobile lets cancer patients track questions for doctors, appointments, medical bills, insurance claims, and medications; includes links to other mobile applications. Sections for children through older adults. Also available in Spanish. Free. iOS, Android, Amazon Appstore

QuitGuide helps smokers understand their smoking patterns and build the skills to become and stay smokefree by tracking cravings, slips, moods, and triggers and providing tips and distractions. Free. iOS, Android

QuitSTART lets teen and adult smokers prepare to become smokefree, monitor their progress, manage cravings and bad moods, and distract themselves from cravings. Free. iOS, Android


Resources selected by Linda Johnsen, Health Sciences Library at UNC-Chapel Hill.
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