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In this guide, LGBTQIA stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual. The plus sign (+) at the end of LGBTQIA stands for the many sexual and gender minority identities beyond LGBTQIA. People who identify as LGBTQIA+ are often discriminated against and mistreated, both in the healthcare setting and in the broader society. The stress of these experiences can lead to health problems. It can also cause some LGBTQIA+ people to avoid the healthcare system altogether. The resources on this page can help LGBTQIA+ individuals find welcoming healthcare providers and maintain overall well-being.


Resources selected by Stacy Torian, MLIS, Health Sciences Librarian, Health Sciences Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Last reviewed August 17, 2021

Last updated August 26, 2021 at 12:53 pm