Herbs & Supplements

Fresh and dry herbal capsule with mortarDietary supplements are vitamins, herbs and minerals. Some herbs and supplements have shown to have major health benefits, such as taking folic acid while pregnant to avoid certain birth defects. But not all dietary supplements have been tested as carefully as drugs, so it’s important to understand the safety and effectiveness of dietary supplements before you take them.

Mobile Apps & Tools

Mobile apps and tools can provide you with easy-to-use information and resources that can serve as one part of your overall strategy to become and stay healthy. Tips on selecting additional apps for exercise and physical activity.

This app provides comprehensive, objective information about herbs, botanicals, supplements, complementary therapies, and more from experts. Free. iOS, mobile website.

This app provides information about the safety and effectiveness of herbal products on more than 50 popular herbs.  It also alerts you to facts about herb safety, side effects, and potential herb-drug interactions. IOS and GooglePlay.


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