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Mobile Apps & Tools

Mobile apps and tools can provide you with easy-to-use information and resources that can serve as one part of your overall strategy to become and stay healthy.

This mobile site lets you search for drug information by name, category, popularity, generic brands, and other characteristics. Free.

This app contains a database of more than 1,700 medical eponyms (diseases or drugs named after people or things). Free. iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, mobile website. 

This app provides access to the lowest prices for prescription drugs at more than 75,000 pharmacies. It also includes coupons and savings tips. Free. iOS, Android, mobile website.  

Pillbox aids in the identification of unknown pills (oral solid dosage form medications). It combines images of pills with appearance and other information. Free. Mobile website. 

Polyglot Med Spanish offers immediate audio translation of over 3,000 common words, phrases and assessment questions from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English. Free. iOS, Android. 

Resources compiled by Beverly Murphy, Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives.

Last reviewed: December 2, 2015

March 3, 2016 - 1:46pm